Father absence is a pandemic problem that spans race, sex, religion, culture, and socioeconomic status. According to the National Association for Fathering, in America alone, “57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic children, and 20.7% of white children” live in father-absent homes. 


As a father-absent daughter, I know the personal and emotional toll of growing up without a father. The feelings of unworthiness, abandonment, and rejection caused by my father’s absence impacted every area of my life. 


The effects of father absence on daughters is alarming. The research shows that daughters raised without fathers are more likely to drop out of high school and have significantly higher rates of anxiety and depression. Father absence is also a major risk factor for early sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy. 


Father absence is a societal and spiritual problem with far-reaching effects on our communities. I have experienced this firsthand as a father-absent daughter and witness it daily as a social worker in a high school. Unfortunately, there are few, if any, programs specifically designed to address these issues. This is why Divinely Adopted Daughters exists. 


We will help you discover the Father-loved life and come alongside of you to help you heal the wounds of father absence with the Father’s Presence.



The Divinely Adopted Daughters curriculum is a series of life-changing lessons that I have prayerfully designed for women, like me, who were raised with a physically or emotionally absent father. We will personally guide you on a transformational journey of healing, forgiveness, and freedom as you discover what it means to be:

Discover the Father’s pure and unconditional love for you.

Live in the truth that you are chosen, approved, and accepted by God.

Encounter God’s power to heal the wounds of father absence.

Receive your new name and identity as a divinely adopted daughter.

Receive the Father’s blessing, covering, and authority.

Be released into God’s purpose for your life.

Embrace your true worth and walk in the conviction that God has the highest and best for you.

Recognize God’s providen-tial care and trust His desire to bless you abundantly.

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